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One of the great reasons to choose a black and white or even a grey kitchen is that a monochrome kitchen offers the perfect neutral base for sprinkling in a vivid hue.

Any bright colour will work wonders, such as a toning hot fuchsia, a lively orange, a warm sunny yellow or a neon green. All can spark a touch of excitement and energy into any monochromatic kitchen.

However, if you think that an injection of colour is not enough to brighten up a plain monochrome kitchen design, why not incorporate textures by throwing in a hint of bold patterns or a mixture of different textures to liven up the space.

For example, rich wood panelings can provide a real sense of elegance, so try installing them on your flooring.

Just remember to keep your walls plain and minimal to keep things well-balanced.

Other ways of livening up your kitchen

Alternatively, if you keep your flooring simple, you can apply a textured wallpaper to one side of the kitchen instead to break up the pattern and provide a relief to the eyes. Little details can go a long way.

On the other hand, if you think a black and white monochrome kitchen scheme is too harsh for your taste, there are several ways to soften the look. Consider painting cupboards in a matt or velvety charcoal shade, rather than a high-shine jet black. Alternatively, choose a beautiful Carrara marble or a stunning quartz for your worktop or backsplash packed with ‘natural’ veining, rather than a stark glossy white.

To finish off, swap flashy silver taps and light fittings for warm metals, such as copper.

In the next feature we will present you some ideas of how to incorporate copper into your kitchen. Copper is the new must-have metal accent of the moment. Especially for monochrome kitchens.


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