From Design to Installation of your Bespoke Kitchen

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From Design to Installation

It is a fairly straightforward process to your bespoke kitchen: it all starts with an informal chat between you and our designers. This will include information on how you prefer to operate in your kitchen, how you like to cook, what is and isn’t important to you. We will support you by guiding you through colours, styles, functional and ergonomical options. And make recommendations where appropriate, based on your preferences and personal circumstances.

This process will ensure we provide you with the best options for a comfortable and effective bespoke kitchen, custom-made to match your personal preferences and specifications. We can also provide you with a large variety of appliances that will ensure the best options for you from a cost/benefit perspective. These range from the latest high-tech generation in appliances to more cost-effective alternatives.

We will pay particular attention to ergonomics and comfort for your day-to-day activities in the kitchen

All these options will be translated into 3-dimensional designs where we will be able to clearly demonstrate our joint ideas and concepts in a simple and straightforward manner. Thereby enabling a detailed discussion with you to ensure you are fully happy with every detail of your proposed new kitchen before we reach your final agreement.

After your final approval on the designs, and their associated costs, these will be forwarded to our manufacturers for the production of your bespoke kitchen. Payment of 50% of the total cost will be required at this stage to progress the project to the production phase.

This production process should not take more than 6 to 7 weeks depending on the finishes chosen for your cabinets. For example, spray painted finishes, drying in special ovens, use of veneers and/or applying special varnishes to achieve the right amount of matt or shine, can all affect the delivery times.

Once your bespoke kitchen is manufactured, it then has to be carefully packed for transportation and delivery to your home. This could bring the total time from final approved design to delivery to an estimated 8 weeks – which gives us ample time to prepare the area where your new kitchen will be installed. As the kitchen comes ready to be installed, i.e. they are NOT flat packed, it will take only a few days to fit the cabinets, install and connect the new appliances and template the worktop and splashback. Once these are delivered, your brand new bespoke kitchen will then be ready for you to use and enjoy.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.