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Dressing Rooms

So here comes October again, ready or not. October brings many things, the nights will get longer, the clocks will go back and Halloween. Summer will be a distant memory and we will start to wear more layers to keep warm in the winter months ahead. But where to keep them? How about a walk-in wardrobe?

Recently we have had a few enquiries for dressing rooms. Once the staple in most West London homes, now thanks to programmes like Downton Abbey, they are starting to make a comeback. Dressing rooms or walk-in wardrobes, as they are called now, are the perfect place to keep your year-round clothes in.

If you have the room, now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about a walk-in wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobe

There are many benefits to walk-in wardrobes:

  • Lots of hanging space for ALL your clothes. Room to hang your clothes correctly, give them space to breathe, increasing their lifespan and wearability. No more creased clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe that you’d forgotten about.
  • Better design. Because a walk-in wardrobe only has one function it can be designed that all available space be maximised. Also leaves you with more space in your bedroom, a win-win situation, your walk-in wardrobe is your dressing room.
  • Convenience. Zone your walk-in wardrobe so you know where everything is. Summer, Winter, holiday, evening, how you zone it is up to you!
  • Security. Walk-in wardrobes are the ideal place for a small safe to put all your important belongings.
  • Space. Walk-in wardrobes can be as big or small as the room allows, plus with mirrors, clever design and lighting it can offer a perfect solution to organising your clothes.

So if you’ve been thinking about new wardrobes or decorating your bedroom, why not think about a walk-in wardrobe and give your clothes the room they deserve! Our walk-in wardrobes are custom built individually so they are as individual as the clothes you wear.

For more information call us on 0207 352 9573 or find out more here.


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