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Utility Room

If there is one room in the house that could do with a DE-clutter, it’s the kitchen. Many people are choosing to have a utility room added to the side of the kitchen, and it’s easy to see why.

Utility rooms offer a place for the washing to dry, a place for the washing machine, even the dishwasher and microwave can go in there. The utility room is a great addition for so many reasons – it is also an extra place for storage, for boots and coats and for pet litter trays etc, basically anything that you want out of site from your kitchen or even the rest of the house.

A utility room in the kitchen

The practicality of utility rooms

A utility room should be all about practicality. A few cupboards here and there will add plenty of storage options, and there should be lots of open space to hang up washing to dry. The tumble dryer and washing machine can go in here, and many people choose to put other things in here too such as a hat stand or umbrella stand. However you design it, make sure that the focus is on storage and versatility. The floor should be stone tiled so that it is easy to keep clean. You will also keep all your cleaning equipment in here such as your mop and bucket, sponges and clothes, a broom and a dustpan and brush. Think of all the things that you can keep in a utility room – and imagine how much extra space you’ll have in your kitchen as a result.

At Kitchens & More we love the practicality of Utility Rooms as it leaves more space in the kitchen, even if you don’t have the space for a room, consider a Laundry Cupboard, great to keep your laundry appliance out of site, giving your kitchen a clean and sleek look.

Utility room appliances

And what better appliances for your Utility Room than Gaggenau? Their WM 260 Washing Machine has low water and energy consumption, a 9KG large volume capacity and an extremely long life, just some of the impressive features that will win you over. This goes perfectly with the WT 260 Condensor Tumble Dryer, with its’ heatpump dryer which provides space for up to 8 kg laundry. It also features a self-cleaning heat-exchanger, highest comfort and constantly low consumption as well as moisture and time controlled progammes. Perfect for the most laundry demanding family!

So if you’ve been thinking about a solution to your laundry problems or even looking for a way to declutter your kitchen or home, a Utility Room could be the answer to your problems.

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