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Temporary kitchen Pod

One of the questions we’re always asked by clients when renovating their house or kitchen is, “How long will my kitchen be out of action and what will I be able to use while the renovations are on going?”

We think we have the perfect temporary kitchen solution. Ideally we’d all like to go away while the builders move in but that’s not always practical. Likewise going to a different restaurant every night can become tiresome when all you want to do is sit, relax after a hard day’s work and watch TV.

So what if we told you, you could have a fully functional kitchen, that looks good and can be placed in any room? And can be built in as little as 2 hours while your house or kitchen is being renovated?

Sound too good to be true? Say hello to Kitchenpod – the temporary kitchen solution.

Kitchenpod’s kitchens comprise of modular units (pods), which can be installed in virtually any room within your home (spare bedroom, reception room). They can be configured flexibly as the room dictates and taking into account your wishes. The design of the pods allows for a kitchen to be fully installed with hot running water. All that’s needed is access to a cold water supply and standard plug sockets.

The pods have been designed with sleek, contemporary lines and quartz work surfaces for easy maintenance. Additionally, they feature the latest Neff appliances.

Why would you need a temporary kitchen solution?

Kitchenpod was created following friends’ experiences of living through renovations. It is not always clear from the outset, how disruptive it can be coping without a kitchen or having very limited facilities. Something that is all too familiar and one of the major things to consider with major renovations.

This is especially true if you have a family, where takeaways and microwave meals are neither healthy nor what you would choose for weeks on end. Eating out can also be expensive and inconvenient particularly during term time.

Moving out has its own challenges and costs. If you want to stay close to the project and maintain your life as normal as possible, there is now a viable, practical and attractive alternative – the temporary kitchen solution.

So now that’s one thing less to worry about when having your kitchen renovated.

For more information why pop into our showroom or you can visit Kitchenpod’s website here.


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