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Do you think your walls are boring? Are you tired of the traditional wall paint or wall paper? Do you need creative ideas for your walls? Well think again!

British Gypsum has created the Rooms Made for You Range’ that is perfect from your child’s bedroom all the way to your kitchen. This magnetic plaster, as you can tell by its name, is magnetic. Therefore, it can be applied to new or existing walls with only 3mm of thickness. The range includes three types of applications, such as, wallpaper, standard emulsion paint or combined with a specialised paint allowing for a blackboard or whiteboard finish.

“Our Thistle Magnetic Plaster helps you bring your walls to life. With a plaster that attracts magnets, you can turn any wall in any room into an inspiring interactive gallery or noticeboard that you can change as often as you like: no fuss, no mess” British Gypsum

Now, you can expand your creativity. Children can draw on the walls. And the mothers can write their grocery and to-do lists where it’s convenient for them. Magnets and magnetic frames are a great prop to add to your wall creating a fun and interactive atmosphere in your room.

This truly is a new way of decorating your walls. No more screws or nails, you can now write and hang what you want without damaging your walls. This way your walls can take a new life every day.

ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster designed for creativity

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster allows you to turn your walls into an interactive space. See more here.

Want to see it for yourself? Pop in to our showroom on the Kings Road.

Or you can find more details of the magnetic plaster as well as other related products on the British Gypsum website.


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