Our Premium Partner Sub-Zero Wolf Celebrates 70 Years

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Sub-zero Wolf premium partners

Our Premium Partner Sub-Zero Wolf Celebrates 70 Years

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Congratulation to Sub-Zero Wolf group, one of our premium partners. They celebrates an impressive 70th birthday this year.

Sub-Zero Wolf have established themselves as the appliance brands of choice for leading chefs due to the robust, industrial feel of the high-quality stainless steel appliances that offers delicious results every time. That is why we have selected to represent Sub-Zero Wolf as one of our premium partners at Kitchens & More. Sub-Zero Wolf’s brand ambassadors all share the same passion for perfect food and appliances that offer precision and performance to rival a professional kitchen

Not only are Sub-Zero Wolf renowned amongst professional chefs, the brands are also favoured by leading designers and celebrities.


As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero offers a unique ‘Air Purification’ system in their New Generation Integrated and Built-In refrigeration lines, which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero. The separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections enable each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented to stop your ice-cubes tasting of fish! This exclusive function prevents temperature fluctuations, saves valuable energy and is proven to keep food fresher for longer.block-logo-footer

Congratulations from us all at Kitchens & More

You can visit SubZero-Wolf’s website here.

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