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Garden Living

Let’s all agree on something, We love sunshine but with the Summer in London, we don’t ever seem to get enough!

The Solution?

Why not make the most of natural light by opening up our kitchens?

Sliding folding doors, Glass extensions, Roof lights, Double glazed, Triple glazed, Walk on glass. There are lots of options now on the market to help any project to bring natural light to inside the house.

The project above is a glass extension to a kitchen. It brings natural light to the area and integrated the garden to the house. We use this opportunity to add underfloor heating to the kitchen and extension.

“It is very open during the summer, we are using the garden much more, it is cosy and light during the winter, ” Pedro Herzog, client

To find out more how you can create you own Garden Living contact Elcio at Kitchens & Moreblock-logo-footer


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